Wuxi, 2010
Due to its prominent location in the New City of Taihu the compound building for the administrative centre will set the architectural standard of the entire development. Because of the dimension and function of the compound building and the adjacent buildings, a predominant idea of urban design is required which implements and improves the landscape spaces and the building structures proposed in the master plan. Beyond that the most important goal of the design is to realize an administration centre for the City of Wuxi which clearly underlines the power and representation of the government by a solemn and distinctive architecture.The master plan of the new district is characterized by the longish water axis which connects the Taihu lake with the old town of Wuxi in the north. It is the basic idea of the design to create an impressive architectural ending of the New City of Taihu which is related to the primary elements of the masterplan.
client: Wuxi Stadt
area: 113.0 ha
completion: 2010
partners: gmp International GmbH Architekten und Ingenieure, Berlin