Prague , ongoing
Vysehrad is a unique cultural and spatial dominant of Prague. With thousand years of history, it is now a popular touristic destination, but its large park areas are also accommodating everyday activities of people living in the area. In the concept study, we work with the historical layers, green layers as well as concept of edutainment. We define calm areas of the centre, unify, and activate the edges of fortification walls creating a viewing circuit. New connections to the city are proposed and the points of entry cultivated. We design new information system that in playful and educative way bring the forgotten layers of history back to surface. Real historical events but also legends served as inspiration for new interactive play objects. The concept of greenery is based on distinguishing different characters but also bringing back the utilitarian function of vegetation like vineyards or orchards on the slopes and gardens with medicinal herbs and fruit trees inside the Vysehrad walls. Collecting the rainwater from roofs and impermeable surfaces will enable to create a new wetland biotope in the ditch near Leopold gate. The principles of urban furniture and surfaces will be further developed in a design manual.
client: NKP VyŇ°ehrad
area: 14.0 ha