Jincheng, 2014
The city‘s master plan has developed the idea of the “six rivers” for future urban development and expansion. These spacious landscapes shall give the new urban districts a spatial structure and will bring the surrounding nature into the city. The concept “One River – Three Parks” is envisioning the course of the river as a comprehensive and continuous idea. At the same time different characters for the three subspaces are developed which are all derived from the existing natural and urban conditions. Especially the shape of the water changes due to the topography. The “park of the falling water”, the “park of the calm water” and “the park of the streaming water” depict the three different open spaces with their varying aquatic themes. The structuring of the paths and spaces as well as the plantings and materials are guided by this general concept. A planned riverside promenade is supposed to connect the different spaces as a strong framework and establish a transition between city and landscape.
client: Stadtverwaltung Jincheng, Grünamt
area: 80.0 ha
competition (1. prize): 2011
completion: 2014