Olbersdorf, 1999
In the southern area of the “Landesgartenschau” (state horticultural show) a spacious landscape park was developed. In a modern way, it is documenting the transformation of the landscape after surface mining had been discontinued. In front of the magnificent panorama of the Zittau mountains the site’s core area is located at the former mining premises on the northern shore of the artificial lake.The landscape’s history between the river Mandau and the former opencast pit including identifiable transformations is being presented.Relicts of the historic cultural landscape (slopes, creeks, mature trees) have been “issected” and emphasized as prominent features. Fragmentarily preserved mining facilities have been integrated into this concept.
client: Sächsische Landesgartenschau 1999 GmbH
area: 30.0 ha
competition (2. prize): 1995
completion: 1999