Urban park Waldkirchen - playgrounds
Waldkirchen, 2007

As a result of the small garden festival “Nature in Waldkirchen 2007” a new urban park was implemented on thesouth-eastern edge of the historic centre along Waeschl creek valley. The park entrance square is connecting twoschool sites which are spatially separated.

On the stony entrance plaza a playing element is implemented as opening to the new urban park. Inside the “TraxingTanne” (traxing fir) a climbing system is installed for climbing skywards. The platform on the „crest” provides agreat view into the park.

The playground is located hillside within the park. For the steep topography, a great playing variety is offered for kids all ages. Main playing features are sliding and jumping.

client: Natur in Waldkirchen 2007 GmbH
competition (1. prize): 2003
completion: 2007