Design of open spaces and playing objects
Waldkirchen, 2007

The Bavarian State Garden Show was the reason for the restructuring of the open spaces in and around Waldkirchen, a small town in the Bavarian Forest. The main focus was the newly created municipal park with its dramatic topography.

The entrance area connects the park to the neighbouring schools and kindergarten. A large part of the parks functional elements are oriented towards its little neighbours and interpret the areas characteristics in a playful way. For instance, a large slide built on to a slope captures the regions topographic properties. Accessible stones lie in the bed of a small stream, the “Wäschlbach”, and provide an exciting way to cross the water. The “Traxingtanne” is a combination of a climbing- and watch tower. Due to its distinctive appearance, it has become a landmark at the interface between town and park.

Around the water tank in the southern part of town a small green area was created. Its elevated position gives a clear view over the surrounding landscape. Besides an extensive lawn for sunbathing, a special fountain was installed to represent the topic of the water tank. The “Aquasonum” is an unconventional musical instrument which, in combination with the fountains water spouts, has become an attraction for tourists. Different sounds can be produced through an electronic control system. Only a slight touch can produce diverse melodies and chimes.

client: Natur in Waldkirchen 2007 GmbH
competition (1. prize): 2003
completion: 2007