Gera, 2007
The Theatre Square is designed to be a spatially generous and open urban space. At the junction of several urban axes a multi-functionally laid out plaza is established according to the significance of the theatre building. Reflecting it’s uses the plaza is divided into three zones, the quality of surface materials is graded down accordingly. The northern zone mainly integrates servicing functions. In the middle zone the highest quality of design is applied. The Küchengartenallee is visually extended into the space and reaches it’s endpoint right in front of the entry portal. An accentuated water feature emphasizes this space and creates a special atmosphere. The southern plaza area integrates several kinds of traffic. Altogether the space’s surfaces are designed to be almost free of barriers.
client: Stadtverwaltung Gera
area: 0.9 ha
competition (1. prize): 2003
completion: 2007