Berlin, 2023
In the course of the renovation of the elephant house, the neighbouring enclosures for giraffes, zebras and other African animal species were also redesigned. By merging the individual enclosures, a spacious savannah landscape has been created in which the different animal species live together in a species-appropriate manner, have sufficient space to run around and also find opportunities to retreat. The extensive grounds are divided into different areas that simulate different habitats. Each area is modelled on a natural landscape or situation: the African village, the dried-up riverbed, the kopjes, the dry forest ...
A barrier-free path makes the different areas accessible; it is designed to open up different perspectives and insights into the savannah. Highlights of the trail are a footbridge and a suspension bridge. Visitors are made to feel like explorers slowly approaching the animals.
client: Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde GmbH
area: 3.7 ha
completion: 2023