Most, 2024
In the 1970s, the historic centre of Most was demolished in order to exploit the underlying brown coal in an open-cast mine. When the "New Town" was laid out in the spirit of modernism, the central park was an important part of the urban planning concept. And so, one aim of the redesign is to respect the existing structure and, in particular, to utilise the rich tree population as the defining spatial structure. However, some new elements have been added to make the park more versatile. The café, stage and various play areas now make it an attractive place to meet. The white "terrace paths" strengthen connections across the park and are also places to linger. Their lines follow the existing topography, while the horizon position of the elevations symbolise the succession of soil layers where the seams of coal were uncovered. The existing water basin, a place of childhood memories for many of the town's residents, has been renovated in a slightly different form, while the artworks in the park have largely been preserved in their original locations.
client: Statutory city of Most and Karel Komárek Family Foundation
area: 5.0 ha
competition (1. prize): 2020
completion: 2024
architects: Atelier Hoffman