Restructuring of a central municipal space
Görlitz, 2002

One of Görlitz’ town gates used to be located near the „Dicker Turm“ (fat tower). The Marienplatz was created after the castle was demolished and today forms an interface between the historic district and the suburbs. Before its restructuring, the square was dominated by the surrounding streets and a water tank for fire extinguishing purposes. The new layout has a pleasant atmosphere and enables many different usages e.g. for festivals and markets.

A newly created small channel of water though the middle of the square represents the former town moat in an urban style. The materials used relate to the natural streams of the surrounding environment, which carry boulders of basalt and granite. The water system, which runs on a timer, creates a varying image of sprays, fizzes and bubbles.

In the southern part of the square, a roof of flat trimmed lime trees provides shade on sunny days. Specially designed benches with foldable backrests allow seating in both directions.

The sturdy stone surface of the square is multifunctional and is even accessible to heavy vehicles. In everyday life the Marienplatz has become a popular meeting place especially for the students of the nearby grammar school.

client: City of Görlitz
area: 0.5 ha
competition (1. prize): 2000
completion: 2002
Bild 1 und 2: Claudia Beger