urbanistic study
In order to relieve traffic in the city centre of Prague and make the urban space more life-friendly, the urban motorway ring (mestsky okruh) is to be completed in the coming years. To this end, a team of various planning offices has developed a multidisciplinary concept. The aim is to minimise the necessary interventions in the urban and landscape space and to initiate a long-term development of diverse urban structures with compensation measures. The green connections are a central aspect. Integrated into an urban system of green infrastructure, they are designed to be multifunctional. In addition to the ecological and recreational functions, a network of fast cycle connections will be created, contributing to the development of future-oriented mobility from the city center to the surrounding area. At the same time, the development of biodiverse, drought-resistant vegetation structures and retention areas for rainwater will reveal various potentials for adapting to climate change.
client: Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR)
planning: 2019
partners: Satra, JK Architekti
Perspektive: Neovisual