Mittweida, Saxony, 2021
The Kirchberg with its striking town church is not only the topographical centre of Mittweida, but is also marked by special historical traces that document developments over the centuries in diverse and surprising ways. The open spaces around the church make this genesis tangible. New paths create improved access to the church.

On the green space north of the church, the hidden "inner life" of the Kirchberg is illustrated to the visitor in a restrained but informative way. The entire Kirchberg is criss-crossed by historical warehouses and rock cellars, the dimensions of which can hardly be guessed at the surface. By making a cellar visible as an example, part of this history is told. The base of the cellar is represented by wildly laid lawn paving. Visible from afar is a small group of metal silhouettes placed on the green space under the trees. The end of the cellar corridor and the end of the visual axis is formed - as a quotation of the lost storehouses - by a silhouette of a house with a window view of the "Alte Pfarrhäuser" museum opposite.
client: Stadtverwaltung Mittweida
completion: 2021
Special prize in the category "Open spaces on public premises" in the Saxon state competition Gardens in the City 2023