Creation of a public open space
Jincheng, 2010
The main idea of the restructuring is a creative and functional division of the previous park area into three parts. The southern part has an urban character and represents the modern age. Being a contemporary and representative lobby for the park and urban planning exhibition, the southern section creates a destination within the city. The northern part on the contrary, with the old Bonsai Garden and Muslim Cemetery, symbolises tradition. This area is meant primarily for recreational purposes. The space in between the northern and southern parts of the park provides an area for exhibitions and events. It forms a transition between urban design and natural landscape. This is achieved by displaying modern arts objects, information boards on urban development and design elements of both the northern and southern parts of the park.Important structural elements of the previous park, such as the Bonsai Garden and the Muslim Cemetery, are preserved and integrated within the new concept.
client: Stadt Jincheng
area: 5.1 ha
completion: 2010