Bad Doberan, 2022
The Kamp is the green centre of Bad Doberan. Its origins go back to the time around 1800, when the town developed into a ducal summer residence and place of entertainment for the bathing society. The park is a listed monument. With the renovation of the listed grounds, paths and trees were restored and extensive shrub plantings were added. Various play objects have also been added. The light-coloured wooden figures are inspired by the history of the site: they recall the cattle pasture and the ducal summer guests who enjoyed themselves here in the evening after bathing in the Baltic Sea. A floor-level water feature has been inserted between the historic pavilions. It offers fun for young and old and provides cooling on hot summer days.
client: Stadtverwaltung Bad Doberan
area: 1.9 ha
completion: 2022

Playgrounds on the Kamp

The Kamp, originally a rural pasture area, has since served as amusement and playground for spa and bathing guests. Therefore, the challenge was to sensitively integrate play areas into the park in the course of the redesign.

As a quotation of the "French jousting game" that used to exist on the Kamp, we developed a carousel that we equipped with donkeys, cows and sheep in reference to its former use as a cattle pasture. The wooden figures of the carousel and a small herd of mounts with their reduced formal language and elegant white colouring blend harmoniously into the historical grounds and under the tall lime trees. At the White Pavilion, visitors can climb and balance among delicate stalks and grasses in the midst of a stylised bathing society.