historic park and playground
Radebeul, 2018
The renovation and extension of the grounds of the Karl-May-garden, a historic park opposite the Karl-May-Museum, which was built in 1932 in honour of the writer Karl May, was based on the previously established conservation objective. The park was extended to the east on the directly adjacent grounds in order to welcome visitors to the Karl May Museum coming from Radebeul East railway station with the park extension area and to guide them through the historical grounds to the museum. The ensemble of museum and park has thus been strengthened. The "Karl-May-Hain" was partially renovated and made more attractive through selective interventions. The main focus of the redevelopment was the renewal of watercourses and water technology at Silbersee and Herzsee. A new playground has been created in Radebeul as an extension of the historic Karl-May-garden. The caravan moves from Silbersee to the deserts of Arabia.
client: City of Radebeul
completion: 2018