First construction phase
Berlin-Neukölln, 2021
The existing green corridor within the 1960s Gropiusstadt housing estate needed a "refresh" in terms of its design and adaptation to current uses and accessibility. In the first construction phase, the network of paths east of the Vogelwäldchen, was improved and supplemented with new connections. The paths were given new water-permeable surfaces. The plaza-like entrance situations to the green corridor were strengthened by widening and redesigning. Along the main path, which is shaded by tree canopies, recreation and communication areas were created with spacious "tableaux" - the "gropions". Here people sit, chat, climb, or await the start of school in the morning. From the afternoon, they lie down and relax, while enjoying the view of the meadows and the happenings around.
client: Bezirksamt Neukölln von Berlin, Bezirksbeauftragte für Menschen mit Behinderung
area: 4.0 ha
completion: 2021