Dresden, 2023
The open spaces of the Fritz Förster Building were redesigned on the basis of the urban development concept for the TU Dresden campus. The focus was on the sensitive treatment of the existing building as well as the adaptation to the requirements of a modern campus.
The grounds were restored in close accordance with the historical design, but supplemented with contemporary elements. At the northern main entrance, a multifunctional plaza forms an appropriate entrance to the building. The historic open staircase was retained and supplemented on both sides by a staircase-like auditorium, which can be used as an open-air lecture hall as well as for smaller events, seminars or courses.
New areas, such as the low courtyards on the south side, were made accessible to the public and made barrier-free.
client: Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement Dresden II
area: 0.3 ha
completion: 2023