Koppel-meadows and southern extension
Berlin, 2015

Through expansion of the Gardens of the world to the south green spaces were developed which were inspired in its character by the surroundings. The mesic-moist areas at Marzahn-Hellersdorf-Brook, a small tributary valley of the Wuhle brook were maintained as extensive meadows after integration into the park. In this way it has been suggestive of a new spatial view for the first time. Interspatial tension is created by diversified fragmented gardens within a spacious landscape. This situation was picked up and accentuated by only a few design elements. A boardwalk is leading over the marsh area to experience the manifold flora and nature-like habitats.

Through realignment of the area it was possible for the first time since opening in 1987 to plan a new entrance. It was aimed to integrate the gardens of the world into the new urban quarters in establishing a new and attractive park entrance in the south. The wooden deck is opening to the „Koppelpfuhl“ (puddle) and allows a vast view into the meadows. The terrace including its adjacent spaces can also be used for different events.

client: Grün Berlin Park und Garten GmbH
area: 4.5 ha
competition (1. prize): 2007
completion: 2015
partners: Seebauer, Wefers und Partner Gbr, Berlin