urbanistic study
Our office was selected to carry out a study to transform one of the main transport junction in Jihlava.
The basic idea of the proposal is to restore unity and support activities in the street space. The unification of the whole space is supported by height unification of the pedestrian areas, using of selected forms, materials and colour range of individual elements. Another important unifying element is the use of tree alley. The masses of trees regularly rhythmizes and thus unify the space. The current situation did not offer sufficient opportunities for leisure activities. The first step was to reduce traffic areas and use them as pedestrian areas. The new solution offers more space for pedestrians. The increased width of the pavement is one of the opportunities that offers space for new activities. This gives more space for the creation of front gardens in the parterre of houses. Previously the Havlíčkova Street was a very lively street and the aim of the solution is to restore this living parterre.
client: Statutární město Jihlava (municipality)
area: 0.6 ha
planning: 2019
partners: Ing. Zdeněk Tesař (traffic)