Burghausen, 2004

Within Burghausen’s quarter Neustadt an urban park has been developed as the core area for the “Landesgartenschau”. Around an extensive meadow differentiated garden areas have been developed. Their characteristics are corresponding to the neighbouring residential patterns and each garden features an independent formal specificity.In the northern part the „Spielgebirge” („playing mountain”) is the space’s specifying element. In the northern part the „Spielgebirge” creates a distinctive spatial impression. The peculiar seeming „Micro-Alps” are symbolizing the yearning for the real massif and at the same time is a playground for all ages. The hilltops and valleys made from shotcrete and partially covered with synthetic material are oriented thematically. Water Valley, Climbing Canyon, Mountain Slide and sand troughs offer a multitude of playing options. A viewpoint on the „crest” provides a great view into the park.

client: Bayerische Landesgartenschau Burghausen 2004 GmbH
competition (1. prize): 2000
completion: 2004