Chemnitz, 2011

The chance to create a trail of green in the post-industrial urban landscape of the Zwickauer Straße arose after the stream “Kappelbach” was disclosed. The extensive demolishing of old factories and other industrial buildings uncovered the stream after over one hundred years of enclosure, and revives the river valley. A crucial part of the concept is the foot- and bike- path that runs along the river. It leads from the center of Chemnitz into the surrounding countryside. The route gained large popularity in a short period of time which triggered the opening of a restaurant for day-trippers. Natural stone found in the former canal construction factory was partially reused as a design feature. These stones form long gabions that generate a transition towards the busy streets and also serve as seats. This gesture shows the correlation of the historical and present usage of the area.

client: Stadt Chemnitz
area: 2.5 ha
completion: 2011