Landscape design
Chengdu, 2014

This project is located at outside the South 3rd Ring of Chengdu City, and on the west of Tianfu Avenue. The South New-Tech Central Area where this project is located in is the middle section that connects Chengdu core area (three key business circles and the biggest IT business circle on the southwest) and the new district on the south area (municipal zone and new conference center). This area possesses a high starting level city planning, and will be future center of the city and core CBD area.

Polygonal forms drift like floating Islands. The islands lead to the entrance of Zhonghang AVIC commercial area. Furthermore, these forms flow throughout the Zhonghang Plaza while they vary in size, shape and functions. Programmed with different features and various special and functional experiences, the outdoor space is throughoutly a pleasant space to visit and enjoy.The theme of polygonal forms will be applied on the the roof area of 11.50 m as well. In the bird eye view the polygonal pattern of the 11.50 level will merge with the pattern of ground level .

area: 2.4 ha
completion: 2014