Public open space design
Wuppertal, 2007
The site at the “Wupperbogen” (Wupper meander) is designed as a coherently developed central recreation area. The spatial features of the different areas are emphasized and developed. The zoo’s connection to the open space system of the river Wupper is improved by a better integration of the stadium’s surroundings. The redesign of Hubertusallee is strengthening the visual communication of the zoo’s main entrance and the river Wupper. The overhead railway’s entry plaza is providing direct access to the water. The Wupper Beach area is tiered: it also provides access to the river. Steps at seating height are leading towards the waters surface and are offering space for activity as well as tranquillity. On the river Wupper’s shore a zone of calm water is being established. Plaza and green spaces are opening up towards the river.
client: Stadt Wuppertal
area: 0.7 ha
competition (1. prize): 2003
completion: 2007