Through opening the former airport area for the public a new urban landscape is going to develop which will have a specific identity. Particularly, the open, spacious site character is unique in Berlin. At the same time there is a great variety of potentials and future perspectives. The wideness of Tempelhof and the openness of the process became the principle for all planning strategies.

In the conceptual design the site is interpreted as one whole space in which single areas are going to be developed with different intensities and paces. After the airfield has been a self-contained space for decades the site is now regained for the city. It will connect the adjacent quarters via mostly existing paths like the runways.Principles of the ecological, social and economical sustainability are defining the planning guidelines. The intensely planned edges are going to respect and protect the open centre. So, the park landscape is going to become a sustainable urban open space.
Auslober: 柏林市城市发展部门
area: 384.0 ha