competition 1. prize, 2018
The spa park of Bad Dürrenberg is developed in the concept as a diverse system, the parts of which each present themselves as specific spatial and atmospheric characters. The aim is to regain the qualities of the historical facilities, but also to add contemporary garden spaces. The iconographic charisma of the graduation tower is a strong design motif that, like a backbone, gives orientation to the various perspectives. The northern entrance is designed as a generous prelude. The base area of ​​the former graduation complex becomes a square motif, through which the town hall area and the parking lot are linked to the spa facility. At the northern head of the system, a wooden deck is drawn into the existing foundations, which offers an additional quality of stay. The adjoining lawn opens up a wide view of Borlachplatz. The historical garden structures are left in their structure and further developed in line with monuments, path surfaces and plantings are carefully refurbished. As a contemporary addition, a water parterre is being designed in the area of ​​the current playground, which is spatially integrated into the overall system.
Auslober: City of Bad Dürrenberg
area: 15.3 ha