competition 3. prize, 2009
The City Culture Park creates a platform for a new culture and education center including an opera house, an art gallery, museums and a library, besides entertainment and shopping and a youth center. The concept implements a generous landscape park to join these diverse funcitons. The artificial lake forms the very center of the culutre park. Important facilities like opera and museums are oriented to the lake. The northern and southern lakebanks face the urban functions and maintain an urban character with a generous boulevard and teracces along the lake side. The west bank near the park maintains a very natural character as a contrast to the opera in the east. The former mulitfunctional plaza in the west is replaced by a wide open green. The plaza is relocated along the lakesite and complemented with a stage on the water. The culture park offers diverse spaces for sojourn during one whole day. Area: 90 ha Competition 2009, 3rd prize Client: Führungszentrum für Stadtplanung Tianjin Design: Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten
Auslober: Department of City Planning Tianjin
area: 90.0 ha