Waldkirchen, 2007

As a result of the small garden festival “Nature in Waldkirchen 2007” a new urban park was implemented on thesouth-eastern edge of the historic centre along Waeschl creek valley. Within the garden show a urban open spacesystem was developed which is connecting the urban park with the adjacent urban quarters by new paths.

On a spacious site within the Bellevue garden a water feature was implemented. The flat water basin is a site forplaying and resting at the same time. With the “Aquasonum” one can operate each water nozzles for a variety ofwater fountains.

The water staircase is presenting the outlet of the piped Waeschl creek for park users. In its upper section there isa stone block where the water comes on the surface and from where it is flowing downwards via a staircase. Onthe bottom the water is lead into the natural creek course.

client: Stadtverwaltung Waldkirchen / Natur in Waldkirchen 2007 GmbH
completion: 2007