Dresden, 2006

The former subterranean stream "Trobisch Creek" located in Dresden, Germany was renaturated as a compesation project for further residential development.

The use of prefabricated constructions allowed to built a shallow riverbed which rises the ecological efficiency. The new restored area around the creek became a public open space and can be explored over a sidewalk along the stream. A seating area near the water defines a recreational space. One particularly designed pedestrian bridge crosses the creek and links the two banks.

The bridge rests on steel beams. This allows a slim and decent construction to keep the proportions due to the dimension of the creek. Furthermore, the design implements a selection of plants to fit the natural habitat and takes advantage of the use of bioengineering methods for the riverbed construction. The result is an ecologically integrated solution which also connects two natural forrest habitats.

client: Landeshauptstadt Dresden
completion: 2006