Chemnitz, 2013

Inaugurated in 1905, the former “Königlich Sächsische Erziehungsanstalt für Blinde und Schwachsinnige” (Royal Saxon reformatory for the Blind and the Imbecile) with its links to urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture and social history, marks an important developmental step in the planning for 20th century institutions.

As an entity, the roughly 21 ha property was put under monumental protection. Today the facility accommodates the “Sächsische Blindenschule” (Saxon School for the Blind) as well as further rehab facilities for blind children and young adults. Within the surroundings of the restored old buildings as well as the new school building, the design is focussing on the historically accurate rearrangement of the path system, of the school’s garden-, play- and open space areas as well as of the existing trees and shrubs. Special attention is given to the coordination of the demands of a modern school- and rehab facility for the blind and the demands of monument conservation.

client: Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement Chemnitz
area: 21.0 ha
completion: 2013