Shanghai, 2015
The new complex is located directly on the historic Bund, Shanghai's famous promenade on the Huangpu River. Between four office towers with heights between 60 and 135 metres and two lower buildings connecting to the neighbouring buildings, small alleys and squares are formed which continue the structure of the traditionally river-oriented path system and connect it with the urban space. The walk-in areas were uniformly designed with a natural stone slab covering; running water bands and small water features radiate tranquillity in the otherwise pulsating city. Between the generous planting basins, seating niches are created, which are places of retreat and invite visitors to stay.

execution planning: Integrated Planning and Design Ltd., Shanghai
area: 2.2 ha
completion: 2015
partners: Integrated Planning and Design Ltd., Shanghai
architects: gmp International GmbH Architekten und Ingenieure