Beijing, 2012
Qingta II’s core element is the central landscape garden which is designed as a natural landscape park. The grove invites to stroll and stay and is a space for relaxation and regeneration from busy and noisy city life. Crossing special bridges from the park, one reaches the blocks terraces that offer common areas close to the apartments. Each block is characterized by a uniquely designed courtyard garden. Looking from the elevated decks and from the apartments the courtyards special and partly lush plantings are a visual experience. Otherwise the courtyard gardens can be entered and offer possibilities for calm abidance.The transition towards the busy Dacheng Street in the north is established by an elegant promenade.
client: Dacheng Group, Beijing
area: 16.6 ha
competition (1. prize): 2006
completion: 2012
partners: Yuanshu Institue of Landscape, Planning and Design