Dresden, 2011

Along an approx. 90 metres creek section in a first construction stage and approx. 40 metres in a second stage the existing concrete side wall were deconstructed and substituted for a gentle slope. Creek beds and banks were protected by coarse rocks, coco mats and an initial planting with indigenous sedge species, alders, ash and elm trees. The planting steps were made to develop a riverine vegetation adapted to the site and an effective buffer strip within the riverbanks. The new shrub and tree plantings create a shaded riverbed. This helps to keep the maintenance costs low.

The project had strict conditions by the office for nature protection because the Priessnitz creek belongs to the habitats territory for its various protected species (e. g. brook lamprey) within this section. Impacts on the creek bed due to construction had to be avoided.

client: Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Umweltamt
area: 0.5 ha
completion: 2011