Dresden, 2007

The Pennrich creek was laid-open and nature-orientated redesigned within the Dresden floodwater care plan in the section of the urban district centre Dresden-Gompitz. The approach for this temporary stream was a preferably wide channel with changing creek bed widths, gentle bank slopes and broad stripes along the banks.

Selective perennial and shrub plantings initiate a vegetation adapted to the site. The connection to the existing near-natural vale space was implemented as rough-textured ramp with coarse rocks. Along the creek a promenade is leading from the centre of the urban district to the Pennrich festival ground, where the creek is to be crossed via a ford. A square is emerging within the crossing area. A framing planting with ash trees is the artistic link between pond and creek.

client: Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Umweltamt
area: 0.6 ha
completion: 2007