Halle/Saale, 2004
The city of Halle is planning to develop a nationally significant water sports centre including a rowing- and canoeing regatta-course of more than 2000 m length. The venue should be laid out for events ranging from competitive sports and competitions to the international/ olympic level and will be complemented by activities for amateur sports and tourists.The former surface coal mine, today’s Osendorfer See (Osendorfer Lake) is located within Halle’s city limits and is a cut running north to south.The overall concept includes a concept for flexible activities and is defining three areas: The Sportinsel (sports island) east of the regatta course, visitors area (west of the regatta course) facilities and media area (to the north of the regatta course).The planned measures to develop the Osendorfer See into a water sports centre could be an initial impulse for the region’s further development towards sports- and tourism-oriented uses.
client: City of Halle (Saale)
planning: 2004