Görlitz, 2014
At the riverside of the “Neiße” in the city of Görlitz, a public park was created on the grounds of a former industrial area. The spacious area opens up towards the river and provides an extensive view over the opposite riverside in Zgorzelec (Poland). By flattening the riverbank it is now possible to safely access the water and directly experience the river. The design is inspired by the textile industry, formerly located here, that manufactured all sorts of products in multiple factories in its heyday. Large embossed floor panels visualize this tradition and quote the classic patterns of industrial weaving in an abstract way. The promenade-like path along the “Neiße” provides the opportunity to create a continuous path, from the city center towards the south and even include the adjacent factory premises, in the future.
client: City of Görlitz
area: 1.5 ha
competition (1. prize): 2010
completion: 2014