The area of the former german railway company workshops at Maximilianstrasse is abandoned and will be put to new use. An opening of the site gives the mainly heterogeneous urban space of the immediate surroundings a new identity. The planning idea for the future design of the area takes up the potentials of the place and tries to reduce urban spatial shortcomings by targeted measures. By opening and rededicating the workshops an up to that point barely noticed urban place gains public attention. This new orientation is reflected in the concept „Maxgruen“. The isle-like location of the area is dealt with in the spatial concept as well as different utilization possibilities, which are reflected in the topic „green edge and open centre“. The partly difficult adjacent areas are shielded with a copse, that generates its own residential qualities. Mainly noise-intensive actions, but also rest-oriented utilizations, can here easily take place.

client: Stadt Nürnberg
area: 4.5 ha
planning: 2012