München, 2014

To provide the existent demand for child day care, the city of Munich rewarded a competition in 2006 for five selected locations. Aim of this competition was a development of exemplary, compact and cost-saving systems which allow a high degree of prefabrication. The series has been continued by additional kindergartens all over Munich.In close cooperation with architects the idea of a totally green facade occurred. This forms a positive images of child care and an atmospheric and pleasant symbolism within a city district. A vivid facade, which modifies with the change of seasons, can been as well seen as a pedagogical valuable contribution.

Beyond this, open space elements like rest areas, plazas and play islands that posses a high recognition value and form the basic equipment of every kindergarten have been designed. Through these elements the playful and educational aspect conciliates with the system fabrication.

client: Landeshauptstadt München
area: 1.2 ha
competition (1. prize): 2006
completion: 2014
partners: schulz & schulz architekten gmbh, Leipzig
architects: Schulz & Schulz Architekten, Leipzig