Open spaces at a research and development centre
Shenzhen, 2011
The city of Shenzhen lies within a rolling landscape which is characterized by overgrown hills and green fields. This interaction of vegetation and topography serves as the guiding principle for the design of the Huawei Campus. Smoothly sloping hills form the outer framework of the site. The slightly modelled middle section allows a view over both the eastern and the western section and presents itself as a generous campus-like facility. Embedded into the hilly landscape, the company’s buildings offer ideal working conditions. The lavishly planted area with its winding paths is attractively green year round. All important paths lie in the shade. Small trees structure the campus and allow many different views. The office buildings lie within a green area which is planted with bushes and shrubs. The courtyards on the inside of the buildings are designed in two different ways – architecturally structured with representative entrances and lushly planted with a connection to the planting concept of the surrounding park.
client: Huawei Technology Co. Ltd
area: 25.0 ha
completion: 2011
partners: gmp International GmbH Architekten und Ingenieure