Open space at a research and development centre
Chengdu, 2012
The site is located in the far north-west corner of the Chengdu High-Tech Zone. The arrangement of the buildings forms a landscape within its centre around an artificial lake. The complex arrangement of the 8-shaped buildings defines various spaces differing in scale, density and sight. Although only two different types of buildings are used, a great variety of different spaces is generated. The Software Production Buildings are arranged directly around the lake, while the cafeterias are located behind them. This makes the walk to and from the cafeterias very recreating and offers beautiful views into the diversified park. The focus of the master plan is on the Software Production Buildings. The two inner courtyards form a link between the green space of the park and the rectangular architecture of the building. These courtyards are small enclosed gardens which each have their own theme.
client: Huawei Chengdu Investment Co. Ltd
area: 31.0 ha
completion: 2012
partners: gmp International GmbH Architekten und Ingenieure