Outdoor facilities, forecourt, schoolyard, sports facilities and traffic areas, Dresden, 2014
The newly constructed grammar school “Bürgerwiese” redefines the urban image of a central part of Dresden. The school complex was developed directly opposite from the city’s oldest park which was rearranged by Peter Joseph Lenné in the 19th century.The generous forecourt of the grammar school is directed toward the traffic junction of the “Lennéplatz” and connects the school with public transport. The schoolyard is set between the different parts of the building and is simultaneously used as an outdoor area for handicraft lessons. Robust “workbenches” were arranged for this purpose and also function as rather unusual seating furniture. Another courtyard which is shaped by large old trees connects the school to the gymnasium. A small pitch, a running track and other outdoor sports facilities are close by.
client: City of Dresden
area: 2.8 ha
completion: 2014
partners: Schubert + Horst Architekten, Dresden
architects: Schubert Horst Architekten, Dresden