The city of Offenbach works intensively on enhancing the urban image of the inner city which is strongly influencedby the building destruction and conversion of recent decades. At the same time an intense change of how peopleuse the open space is taking place. Various types of users strongly participate in the open space and therebygreatly influence it.

Currently the open spaces of Offenbach are marked by a great heterogeneity of used surfaces, equipment anddesign principles. The open space equipment is used fairly stringent but commercial special uses are dominatingthe townscape more and more.

To counter this trend principal design guidelines were formulated for public equipment and surfaces as well as forprivate commercial uses. In order to do this typical urban qualities have been shown up and worked out location-based.To systematize these qualities temporal and/ or spacial homogeneous units were analysed based on referencesites and were then typologically summarized.

client: Stadt Offenbach
planning: 2014