Dresden, 2006
As a result of the 2002 flood damage has been caused to the river bed and river bank’s walls downriver of Friedrichsgrundbach and Helfenberger Bach.Measures for the removal of flood damage and prevention of further flood hazard especially had to take into account the environmental protection of the right hand side Elbe valley. Retention of bed loads and deadwood has been achieved through the widening of the rivers profile and according calming of the current, lower water level as well as the implementation of different structures. Essentially, these are training works which in the case of flooding would channel bed loads towards shallow areas. At the same time the training works are stabilizing the river banks, as they are protruding in to the flood profile in a similar manner as spur dikes.Additionally, downriver structures are protected from damage through bed loads by especially designed racks.
client: Landeshauptstadt Dresden
completion: 2006