Dresden, 2003
The Research Centre Rossendorf is located at the Highway B6 at the eastern periphery of Dresden. The site is defined by the existing forest and the buildings which have been developed along strict axes.According to existing qualities, the site will be developed into a translucent forest. Within a carpet of grass, trees are arranged in a park-like manner, interrupted only by the buildings, the network of walkways and diverse site furniture. The carpet of grass functions as a communication zone, a meeting place, a place to stay and relax. The buildings are visible through the translucent tree arrangement and while one moves changing sequential views are unfolding constantly. Renovation, new construction and deconstruction will help to condense and center the site.
client: Forschungszentrum Rossendorf
area: 180.0 ha
planning: 2003
partners: Horst Furkert Architekten, Dresden