Development of open spaces and parks
Dongguan, Provinz Guangdong, 2012

The circular open space which reaches around the whole basketball stadium in Dongguan is divided into a courtyard, a landscape park and areas for parking.The generously wide courtyard is able to gather and disperse streams of visitors upon events at the stadium. A loose roof of tree branches is the main theme of the design and creates a playful pattern of light and shade on the ground. Large water basins mirror the architecture of the stadium and mark the transition to the stands. A scenic park encompasses the stadium around the back. It is a place for leisure and recreational exercise. Sports grounds, skating tracks are located between grove-like planting and small streams. Cycling- and footpaths run through the park and connect to the local recreational system of Dongguan.

area: 30.0 ha
completion: 2012
partners: gmp International GmbH Architekten und Ingenieure
architects: GMP Architekten, Beijing