Potsdam, 2017

The comprehensive school with gymnasium will be located on an untilled property in the development zone Bornstedter Feld. A large forecourt offers a pleasent welcome under light tree-clumps. Downstairs the school building opens to northwest and thereby enables the connection between shelterd courtyard and open space with sports fields. The compression of the greenway and the alignment of the school building arrange an appropriate transition to the existing neighbouring development.

The precious oak population, partly complemented with new tree-clumps, defines the open spaces. All break places und sports fields are embedded in the landscape in a way that they make use of the potentials of the existing old trees and the topography and provide the new usages with an atmospheric frame.

The break places offer two different residence qualities. The inner yard, approximately 30 cm higher located, is completely framed by the building. With tree crowns roofed seating accommodations provide a safe haven. In contrast to this the lower located yard opens to the landscape and makes a transition to the green zones where the green classroom and a small schoolstage are located.

client: Kommunaler Immobilien Service (KIS) Potsdam
area: 2.4 ha
competition (1. prize): 2012
completion: 2017
architects: Schulz & Schulz Architekten, Leipzig