Public open space design
Königstein/Sachs., 2010

The small town of Königstein in Saxon Switzerland has a new centre: a multifunctional square with a German-Czech community centre as well as a building for its citizens and guests. The only building on the square determines its boundary towards the hillside.

The square is divided into three areas: the central area is defined by the community centre on one side and the rear sides of the buildings on the Reißniger Platz on the other side. The squares boundary towards the river Biela makes up part of the Biela-Promenade.

The new centre of Köngstein is a crucial point in the town’s development towards revealing its full touristic potential and making it even more attractive for its citizens and guests.

client: Stadt Königstein
area: 0.2 ha
competition (1. prize): 2005
completion: 2010