Dresden, 2011
By establishing the junction between Jahnstraße and Bahnhof Mitte, it has become a necessity to fundamentally redesign the surrounding spaces. A new public open space was developed between the Weißeritzstraße, the Markthalle and the train station which links Dresdens town center and Friedrichstadt. The spacious square provides an appropriate entrance for the train station.The former riverbed of the stream Weißeritz, which used to run across the site, and several floodings since its relocation have contributed to the special historical identity of this place. The symbolic depiction of the river Weißeritz as a planted sculptural element (without the actual water flow) is a defining design feature of the square. The spatial structure, the detailing of the surface materials and the sites features were all designed in consideration of another possible flood in the future. Seating areas are located near the main paths.
client: Landeshauptstadt Dresden
area: 0.3 ha
completion: 2011