Open space design inner and outer courtyards
Dresden, 2004
The concept for this open space design is derived from the architectural idea as well as the buildings specific usage. The three courtyards differ in character and spatial structure. The main principle of “The Smallest Element” refers to scientific subjects and ongoing research. According to this principle, “garden”, “courtyard” and “landscape” are differentiated. In the “garden” the smallest elements are symbolized by different plant species. The sequential arrangement draws a parallel to genetic codes. In order to optimize the facility for multiple purposes, a central paved area (the “courtyard”) connects the indoor and outdoor spaces to one unified communication zone. The adjacent “landscape” creates a transitional area towards the urban structures of the city.
client: Bauherrengemeinschaft Technologiezentrum Dresden / SIB Dresden
area: 0.7 ha
competition (1. prize): 2001
completion: 2004
partners: Henn Architekten, Berlin