envisioning spaces

Open space is always in-between. Between north and south, yesterday and tomorrow, function and shape. Each design for urban space or landscape has to deal with the site’s specific character, has to envision future space. Deriving from this paradigm a new local identity is being defined during the design process. The design is developed within a spatial, chronological and material context. The formal language of surfaces, plants, functional elements and details is derived from the design's motif.
Green corridor Gropiusstadt, Berlin-Neukölln
Besselpark, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Playing in the Westfalenpark Dortmund
Olivaer Platz, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Gewandhausareal at the Neumarkt, Dresden
Competition Charles Square Prague



Competition for the construction of a new fire station in Wismar, 1st prize

In Wismar, a new fire station and administration building is being built in the old town harbour. Together with Pussert Kosch Architects, we won first prize in the competition.