September 2022 in Prague

Till Rehwaldt

Until 1990 Studied Landscape Architecture at the TU Dresden, then active as a research assistant.
1993 – Present Founder and Principal Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten
2006 - 2008 Visiting professor at the TU Berlin, Department of Object Planning and Design.
2009 Awarded the German Landscape Architecture Prize for the ULAP Park project in Berlin.
2014 - 2022 President of the Association of German Landscape Architects.
2017 - 2019 Visiting professor at TU Prague
2017 - Present Design Studio Head at TU Prague

Member of various design advisory boards, active as a juror in competitions.






  • Employment

    If you are interested in working at Rehwaldt Landscape Architects you may submit an unsolicited application at any time. Please send us your curriculum vitae and a portfolio in digital form. We will contact you if we are currently employing and if your application has awakened our interest. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot respond to each application personally.

  • Work-Study Program

    Students who don’t want to lose contact with professional experience can work at our company as working students. We offer a mostly flexible working schedule on one or more days a week. Requirement for this occupation is generally a completed vocational internship or sufficient working experience in the daily routine of a landscape architecture office.
    Applications with a compelling portfolio can be submitted to the following:
    - Work-Study Program at the Dresden Office
    - Work-Study Program: construction site assistance (Berlin)
    We appreciate your understanding that we cannot take all applications into consideration, as we only offer 2-3 jobs at any givem time.

  • Internship

    An internship with Rehwaldt Landscape Architects offers the possibility of an insight into the various aspects of our profession. Practical experience can be gained in the fields of planning and realisation of projects as well as competition processing. The interns encounter very different tasks under the supervision of experienced mentors and can set their individual subject-specific focal points. We offer different internship positions, mostly at the beginning of the semester:
    - Internship at the Dresden Office
    - Internship at the Beijing Office
    - Internship: construction site assistance (Berlin)

    If you are interested, we ask for the submission of a compelling portfolio and the specification of the desired period of internship and location.
    Mrs. Zänker is available for you in case you have any questions or issues:
    Tel. +49 351 811 9690